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Healthy Banana-Apple Bread

This is the healthy, low-fat version of Ep. 3 Banana Bread

I love my grandmother. I remember her funny chuckle and the way she’d call me “Katherrrrrrn” instead of “Katie”. The twinkle in her eye could light up a room and she was the one responsible for my gambling smarts and crocheting ability. She also made the most amazing banana bread. I remember the smell of it baking in her oven.  You may have already tried her recipe for Banana Bread with Crunchy Brown Sugar Topping that was featured in Episode 3. 

Well, Grandma, I think I’ve made you proud today:  I have found a way to adapt your recipe to make it a little more acceptable for us health-conscious folk.  I added apples, removed some of the butter and all of the refined sugar and bulked it up with some organic oats.  It’s amazing. Can you smell it way up there in heaven? If you have the means to bake it, here’s the recipe:

Healthy Banana-Apple Bread Recipe

AKA: The Jock

“Toad in the Hole”

Get Crackin’ with this quick and easy breakfast idea!

Toad in the Hole? A Toad in A Hole? Piggy in the Middle? Eggs in a Nest? Whatever you call it, this EGGcellent little ditty will have you craving oeufs like there’s no tomorrow… or eggs tomorrow….. you know? Guaranteed, in under 4 minutes, you’ll be just dying to get cracking!

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