Ep.11: Chocolate Bowls

There’s only one thing better than jujubes … chocolate!!!This is the 11th episode of “A Jock’s Guide” Cooking Series. This short and sweet video shows you how to make edible chocolate bowls (yes, I said EDIBLE!) that you can fill with fruit or better yet, CHOCOLATE MOUSSE, and garnish to your liking!

I’m happy to report that the only fatality in the filming of this episode, was my laptop. Apple can you hear me? Can you hear me calling?

WARNING: Please do not try this at home until you have watched the entire video. There is a crucial lesson to be learned about chocolate and balloons!  A Jock’s Guide and Kate Drummond Productions Inc. is not responsible for damages, personal physical or psychological injuries incurred by following this recipe.

Chocolate Bowls (Banana Edition)

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