Ep. 9: Sugar Pie

Move over Sugar Ray, there’s a new Sugar in town!This is the 9th episode of “A Jock’s Guide” Cooking Series. This short and sweet video shows you how to make traditional Sugar Pie, and in my opinion, anything with these two words in the title – sugar and pie – is sure to be a first round draft pick! Six simple ingredients and as usual, a few too many bloopers and spoon licks along the way. This packs a better punch than Sugar Ray….but … I wouldn’t say that to his face! OH, and learn a little french along the way! Merci.

Sugar Pie Recipe

2 Responses to Ep. 9: Sugar Pie

  • Hello Kate! Double Boil: I think, [I’m not going even to pretend to be an expert here], is putting one pan on top of another filled with water below. The water below boils and heats the pan with the ingredients above it without scalding your milk, [and getting hard on the surface.] We do this for melting baking chocolate too.
    Another tip, [that makes absolutely no difference, but I learned it from my mom] : I don’t open my milk cans completely. I punch two triangular holes with bottle opener and pour out the liquid. And I always get my evaporated and condensed milks confused when I shop.
    Dang it! I still owe you a photo of my dough hooks!

    • Whoa.. that sounds fancy. Well, it didn’t really say to use a double boiler but I am not very excited to try one! It was just talking about the length of time in which you boil the sugar mixture. I’m assuming it’s a lot like fudge (~snort~ referring to Episode 1: How to Make Old Fashioned Fudge!) … I think cooking it longer than you think you should will make sure that it’s not runny! :)

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