What is
“A Jock’s Guide”?

A woman, a laptop and a kitchen….  

Meet Kate Drummond; a jock who’s as passionate about food as she is about sports.  But now she’s decided to take on a new sport – cooking.

It’s a one-woman show, from start to finish. It’s filmed & edited on a laptop, with no script or retakes and in any kitchen, any time! It’s raw, it’s true and it’s downright delicious.

The recipes are guaranteed home-runs, but hey, this is what cooking looks like for most of us, so you’ll also see hilarious fumbles and mishaps along the way!

This is not your regular cooking show, and Kate is not your typical chef. 

Kate is also excited to be partnered with KidSport™ Ontario, with 100% of her proceeds going towards the kids in her community. 

A Jock’s Guide: a witty, quick-paced reality cooking show that’s all about fun in the kitchen.


Thanks for tuning in! Now go get ’em. And send pictures!

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Your cook – Kate

A woman, a laptop and a kitchen…. and a great partnership with KidSport Ontario.

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