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Effective July 1st, 2014 a new law will be active in Canada, which will hit small businesses the hardest.

The Act will apply to “all communications sent by Canadian companies, to Canadian companies or messages routed through Canadian servers”. This includes personalized communication such as newsletters / email or SMS messagesdelivering any form of communication. It includes a “private right of action that will allow Canadian consumers and businesses to take civil action against those who violate the legislation”. The CRTC may levy fines up to $1 million for an individual or $10 million for a business that contravenes the Act. Each violation will result in a fine.

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VIDEO: AJG Hits 10,000

Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported this little cooking show over the past 2 years!

A Jock’s Guide has officially had 10,000 UNIQUE visitors to the site and if you’re reading this message, YOU were one of them!

I love you so much, I made you a cheesy video!

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