Ep. 8: “Moose Ears” – My Version of a Classic Canadian Pastry

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This is the 8th episode of “A Jock’s Guide” Cooking Series. This entertaining video shows you how to make my version of traditional Canadian BeaverTails, but thanks to the help of my viewers,  I now call them MOOSE EARS. They are delicious flat, fried pastries loaded with cinnamon and sugar and …. oh yeah! If THIS doesn’t make our Canadian Junior Team happy, I don’t know what will… well, except… uh… you know? Let’s not go there. These home-run treats will make you an MVP with your friends in no time. This episode is sugar-coated with bloopers, a great soundtrack, slight immaturity and a crash course in fire prevention in the kitchen.

Vegetarian Note: No beavers OR MOOSE were injured in the making of this video!

Recipe: A Jock’s Way

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