Singing for KidSport at the S-Drive Charity Softball Tournament – June 15, 2013

A viewer of AJG, Twitter follow @torontomusicman, challenged Kate to sing on video for a $250 donation to her partner charity, KidSport Ontario. The catch was that she had to sing in a Red Wings Jersey. Now, being a complete Toronto Maple Leafs Fan, this was a difficult challenge BUT it was for the kids, so she agreed. Sensing an opportunity to raise more money for the kids, the viewer then said if she could match or beat his donation, she could at least sing her Leafs Jersey and he would still contribute his $250. The rest is history, and once again, Toronto fans proved just how awesome they are! KidSport received $700 from this challenge!

Thank you S-Drive, KidSport, Paul Corbeil (aka: @torontomusicman) and all my amazing friends and viewers for any donations that made this possible! 

Calling All Leafs Fans!

Grand total:  $555 for KidSport Ontario

WE DID IT !!! We showed those Red Wings fans that the Leafs Nation NEVER backs down from a challenge! :)

Looks like March 20th, is the magical day of song…. stay tuned for more details… BUT if you wanted to donate and didn’t get a chance to, there’s still LOTS of time!


Here’s what the challenge was:

C’mon Leafs Fans… let’s show this Red Wings fan that we will not tolerate hockey blasphemy in our own town!

As you may or may not know, A Jock’s Guide is proudly partnered with KidSport Ontario, a charity that helps to make participation in organized sports possible for all kids. Recently, a Red Wings fan (TorontoMusicMan) came forth and offered to donate $250 to KidSport. Sounds good, right?

Here’s the catch: I must video myself singing in the middle of a busy T.O. street wearing a RED WINGS JERSEY (cough cough gag gag) UNLESS I can match his donation…. in which case, I can at least wear my Leafs jersey…

Either way? I’m singing and he’s donating and the kids are benefiting …. but I beg you, PLEASE don’t let me wear a Red Wings jersey!

Here’s what I need…. $250 by the end of February, 2013. Can you help?


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