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  • I would just like to thank you guys for taking the time to drop a line in the Guestbook! :)

  • I just couldn’t resist getting a personal video from soon to be famous Kate Drummond, so I donated $50 to this great cause. Have I mentioned that the cooking videos always make me laugh? Especially the dancing sequences! Your passion is evident in everything that you do – keep up the great work.

    • OH MY GOSH!!!! An emphatic YES! I’m so excited and just for you, your personalized thank you is gonna have a dance sequence 😉 Thank you SO much for supporting the cause!

  • I would like to credit you with the inspiration of my anti -vampire humus that I made the other day. I thought…just do what the Jock does…and that would be…throw in more garlic! I now have Greek ancestors that I didn’t have before!

    • Would love to know your recipe :) Always looking for a good dip … I mean… other than the typical one… who uh… makes these videos 😉

  • Do you cater hockey tournaments!!
    I can’t wait to see what you cook up next!

  • I’m trying out the Beaver Tails recipe today! Disclaimer: I’m not Canadian and up until a month ago I’d never even heard of a Beaver Tail. :)

    • Oh this is SUCH great news!!! I like your disclaimer 😉 Please send me a picture of your masterpiece for the site? :)

  • Hi! I absolutely adore your videos. You make baking/cooking so much fun!
    Oh and if you store your onions in the fridge instead of leaving it out in the open, you can avoid onion eyes. I’ve tried it and it really works. I can even take my time when chopping them!

    • Hi Sheila! I’m SO glad you dropped in! :) Thank you for the advice to avoid “onion eyes”. I’m going to put your “game plan” to the test the next time I need onions! Stay tuned.

  • What can we say? She’s our daughter! Always inspired and totally energized all the time. Good things need to happen to this young lady. The universe has been waiting for her!

    • Good things ARE happening! I’m partnered with an awesome non-profit organization! This could only mean great things for the kiddies :)

  • Hey, I’m pretty pumped that there’s a guestbook! What a great way to see who is out there visiting A Jock’s Guide!

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