Let’s Talk Food and Love

Do you remember a time you when cooked your prized meal for your special someone, only to have it turn into the worst night ever?  How about that romantic dinner that made you cry with joy?  Cry with embarrassment?  It’s time to share the romantic, disastrous, embarrassing stories of FOOD AND LOVE for our special Valentine’s Day Guest Post.   Be as creative as you like! Include a recipe if you wish, pictures…

Here’s a wee taste from my story book: (just to get you started!)

Imagine… fresh pumpkin pie for my loved ones. My proud moment. Pulling it out of the box. Heating it up. Watching in anticipation as he took his first mouthwatering bite….. followed by this statement:  “Oh my gosh…this is awful.. it tastes raw!!”  Lesson learned: Not all store bought pumpkin pies are pre-cooked. Good thing it was my father… he had to keep me around.

Send your story and picture to along with any blog or website that you are attached to :) I’ll link to it when I post.

Be brave, story tellers… be brave.

Lots of love,

The Jock

Guest Bloggers Wanted!

As a new twist in 2013, A Jock’s Guide is inviting YOU, the amazing and creative you, to contribute to the site! Each month, a new topic will be given such as: My Biggest Kitchen Disaster, The Best Kitchen Advice my Mother Gave Me, I’m an Absolute Genius in the Kitchen Because..etc.

Here’s January’s topic:  Holdin’ On to the Healthy Resolutions Recipes

Deadline: Tuesday, January 8th.

Do you have a great family original recipe that is “so tasty it can’t possibly be GOOD for me!”? Help us all stick to our healthy new year’s resolutions by sending in your favourite healthy recipe. Include the recipe, a picture and a short description.

Be brave, food-soldiers, be brave! Let your creative genius pour out!

Send your submission to

*What a great way to drive more traffic to your own sites and get more exposure!*

Word on the Street

 Word on the Street…


“…you crazy broad! You’re very entertaining… now get a damn food processor!”
~ Jann Arden, Juno Award winning singer/songwriter ~


“Great home style cooking show, even better is that its supporting a wicked organization like KidSport™!”
~ Brady Reardon, 2008 Canadian Olympian, Kayak ~

“As an avid baker and true believer in the power of sports, I fully support Jock’s Guide.
Way to bake it up for the community Kate!”
~ Stefan Frei, soccer player, Toronto FC ~


“A Jock’s Guide is proof that what you do and what you love can be the same thing. Kate keeps what matters to her front and center: creating a show suitable for all ages and helping kids. A Jock’s Guide can’t help but to suck you in.”
~ Tattiawna Jones, actress (Flashpoint, Heartland) ~


“I want her to be my BFF in real life LOL…”
~ Melissa, Owner of ~


“I have loved watching your videos …I never learned to cook growing up so I’ve had to learn here in Africa (unless I want to eat fish & rice nonstop!) so I relate to your videos and the successes and failures in the kitchen. I just donated to KidSport™  because I believe it to be a worthy cause!
Thank you for the many laughs!”
~ Lindsy, teacher in Africa ~

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