Better Butter Measuring

“Folks, When measuring butter or margarine or lard etc. I use a large measuring cup and fill it with a cup of water then add the butter (or other) to say 1 and a half cup and Ta-da you know now that you have 1/2 a cup of butter. Easier to clean than some other instruments and quite accurate.”  ~TheMcmulld

“The amount added displaces the water .Therefore when you add butter(or other ingredient such as shortening) and the water level rises from say one cup to 1 and 3/4 cups you know now that you have 3/4 cups of butter . dump the water and you’re good to go. Note : this only works with insoluble ingredients. Cheers!” ~ TheMcmulld

Turkey Anatomy 101

“Well done. You and the turkey. BTW, the Pope’s nose is the tail, not the neck. And that plastic thingy you turfed is oven proof and meant to hold the legs together after you have stuffed. But I like your way, too! :-) P.S. my secret for really moist white meat is to cook the turkey breast down.” ~jdfraser

How to Avoid “Onion Eyes”

“I heard from an ex’s mom that you can put a piece of bread in your mouth while cutting onions and breathing through your mouth can stop the tears. Oh FYI Kate, put a wet towel under your cutting board to prevent the board from slipping and sliding. Awesome video btw.” ~countrevan

“Breathe through your mouth and not your nose and it will help with the tearing.” ~stephabej

“Apparently, putting your onions in the freezer for an hour or so before cutting them won’t make you cry. I have been meaning to try that, but keep forgetting to put them in the freezer in time.” ~greenlavender

Rolling Pin Role-Playing

“I use a bottle of wine for a rolling pin….use the pin, drink the wine…perfect!” ~greenlavender

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